Location, location, location

What’s the first rule of real estate for buyers? Location?  No!  Money, money, money. (And not the song ;). You need to count the cost and make sure you have enough.  Although you may be able to get into a home with very little money, your first step MUST be to speak with a local and reputable loan officer.

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    Buyers FAQ

    Can't I search for a house before I start the approval process?

    Wanting to do this is like going through the supermarket, up and down the aisles, paying no attention to prices until you get to the register.  This could cause frustration, embarrassment, etc.  There may be issues with your credit report you never knew existed.  Or you may qualify to purchase in a completely different (lower) price range.  

    Now you have to back track and look for something smaller, older or a different area than you initially wanted.  Or you may complete the transaction but may end up paying a lot more than you ever wanted to.  Always better to count the costs first.  Loan officers can tell you what programs you qualify for, how much closing help you can receive from the seller, etc.

    What if I have an agent who will show me homes without a preapproval?

    Having a preapproval prior to house shopping is good business.  If an agent does not require it, that should be cause for concern for you.

    Not sure who to reach out to for a pre-approval? Call/Text/Email us here at Madison Real Estate. 

    After you are pre-approved, hire a Realtor.  And stick with them if they are doing a good job.  If they aren’t, explain your concerns and let them know what you need from them.  If you’re still not satisfied, ask to speak with their Broker to resolve any possible miscommunication or issues.

    Can I call the listing agent on each house to get a better deal?

    The real estate community is small and news travels like wildfire.  You’ll be in a better position if you align yourself with an experienced buyer’s agent who will be scouring the market for your dream home.  If you aren’t loyal to them, chances are you won’t be a priority to them.  Have representation! Fill out the form on this page.