Marketing Your Home

You’ve come to the right firm for selling your home!  This may sound a little harsh, but when your home is listed, in some respects it’s no longer your home.  The home that you live in is not the home that you sell.  It is now a product that must be properly marketed.  Neutral walls and neutral floors sell homes.  The colors and spaces must appeal to the masses.  That means light, neutral shades.  Also room function is important too.  

For example, the dining room that is currently used as an office should be reverted back to being a dining room space.  Many buyers will come in and say, “Oh this is an office?”  No.  This is a dining room that’s being used as an office.  The home must tell a story to the buyer about how it could be/needs to be used.  And what’s the most important thing about marketing your home? Find out when you schedule an appointment with us!

Seller FAQ

Do I have to paint the house if the buyers will paint it anyway?

You don’t have to. However, if your competition down the street already painted their home, which home will a buyer choose first? Exactly. You’ll be amazed at how much buyers want to negotiate on a home that just needs paint. Also, the cost of painting some rooms will most likely cost less than your first price reduction. It’s a low cost, high impact choice for any home. Do it! You’ll be glad you did!

Can I leave my home in the condition that we bought it?

Sure you can. However, unless you’re selling it for what you bought it for, fix it. Doing the small things will typically net you larger returns.